Eskindir Tesfay

Eskindir Tesfay, Actor: Hitman: Agent 47. Eskindir Tesfay, is an Afro-German actor from Berlin, Germany, who is fluent in 4 languages. While living in Taiwan between 1999 and 2005, he intensely studied Chinese and martial arts, and gained first experiences as a model and actor for tv commercials. His knowledge of martial arts and fight choreography also qualified him for corresponding ...
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Eskindir Tesfay oblíbené filmy

49 Hitman: Agent 47
Hitman: Agent 47
47 Temný bojovník
Temný bojovník
49 कुंग फ़ु योग
कुंग फ़ु योग
37 Urban Fighter
Urban Fighter
Gemini Rising
Gemini Rising
54 Lady Ninja
Lady Ninja

2018Ronny & Klaidfilm


2017Tiger Girlfilm

2017कुंग फ़ु योगfilm

2016Darth Maul: Apprenticefilm

2016Immigration Gamefilm

2016Out of Controlfilm

2016Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheitfilm

2015Hitman: Agent 47film

2014Temný bojovníkfilm

2013Gemini Risingfilm

2013Una vita da sognofilm

2012A Time of Vulturesfilm

2012Urban Fighterfilm

2009Lady Ninjafilm

2008AliaTV film

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